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The Difference Between QBR and EBR

September 01, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 31
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
The Difference Between QBR and EBR
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Welcome to our podcast episode where we delve into the world of Executive Business Review (EBR) and Quarterly Business Review (QBR), shedding light on their common misunderstandings and industry misuse. The landscape surrounding these reviews is often clouded by confusion, leaving ample room for ambiguity in their utilization.

In this enlightening conversation with Irit Eizips, we're joined by Marc Troyan, the Director of Customer Success Research at TSIA. Together, we dissect the intricacies that set EBR and QBR apart, unraveling their true essence.

Join us as Marc shares his insights, unveiling the distinct differences between EBR and QBR, while also outlining the pivotal operational metrics that warrant attention for both. This dialogue promises to provide listeners with a profound understanding of the profound impact and utility that both EBR and QBR bring to the table.

Marc's expertise shines further as he imparts valuable guidance on optimizing both EBR and QBR to achieve unparalleled customer success. When executed effectively, these reviews have the power to become pivotal drivers of growth and development for any business.

EBR vs. QBR distinctions under various aspects.
Essential operational metrics for QBRs and EBRs:
➼ Emphasis on lagging over tactical indicators
➼ Implementing Customer Success Journey Maps with Success Plans
➼ Addressing mistakes via discussions and task prioritization.
Delivering value in QBR and EBR.
Executive Alignment for larger clientele.
Recommend: Forge executive-level relationships, gain direct feedback.
EBR structuring:
➼ Avoiding free-form due to sustainability concerns
➼ Clear agenda, customer value, and objectives for EBRs.
Annual EBRs; QBRs as feedback loops with priority on feedback.

Tune in now for a masterclass in harnessing the potential of EBR and QBR for your business's advancement.


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