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What Innovative Use of Technology landed Yair the CS Excellence Award in 2022

August 04, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 28
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
What Innovative Use of Technology landed Yair the CS Excellence Award in 2022
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Discover valuable insights and strategies to enhance your Customer Success journey in this power-packed podcast episode! If you're a Customer Success professional tasked with upgrading customers to newer technology versions and seeking a more efficient and scalable approach, this episode is tailor-made for you.

Join Yair Bortinger, the recipient of the prestigious 2022 CS Excellence Awards for Best Use of Technology, as he takes us through his remarkable journey of upgrading hundreds of unmanned accounts in less than three weeks, single-handedly!

During this episode, Yair will delve into the following key points:

  • The urgent challenges he encountered and resolved throughout the process.
  • The transformative impact of leveraging technology across the entire company.
  • The step-by-step process he implemented to upgrade numerous customers without requiring an extensive CSM team.
  • Proven tips for ensuring a high level of digital customer engagement during software version upgrades.
  • The pivotal role played by a customer portal in this initiative, along with a comprehensive tool demonstration showcasing the configuration of the tech stack.

If you're eager to learn from an industry expert and optimize your customer technology upgrades, don't miss this enlightening podcast episode with Yair Bortinger!

Watch the full video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4pwj634-qu0


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