CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast

Scaling CS operations with process improvement 📈

May 26, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 20
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
Scaling CS operations with process improvement 📈
Show Notes

Discover the secrets to enhancing customer experience and driving success in customer-oriented companies through the power of process improvement.

Join Pedro Candelas, in this exclusive podcast episode as he delves into the world of process optimization and continuous improvement.

In this insightful discussion, Pedro covers various topics on Process Improvement, including:

◾️Introduction: Learn more about Pedro Candelas, his Industrial Engineering background, and how it has influenced his skill in managing process improvement.

◾️Lean Customer Success Organization: Explore the significance of continuous process improvement, focusing on activities that add value, maintaining objectivity, and eliminating non-value-adding tasks.

◾️Steps to Eliminate Wastage: Learn effective strategies for addressing valueless issues in business process improvement, such as delays, over-processing, unnecessary movements, errors, and customer overload.

◾️Impact of Internal Process Improvement on Customer Experience: Discover how implementing Lean process improvement within a company contributes to creating value for customers.

◾️Elevating NPS through Improved Customer Processes: Understand the importance of internal management and collaboration, as well as objective assignment per process requiring improvement.

◾️Continuous Process Improvement: Uncover the benefits of breaking down processes, objective assignment, and monitoring progress to achieve ongoing process improvement.

◾️Applying Lean Process Improvement to Customer Experience: Learn how to identify value-adding, valueless, and business value-adding activities, allocate sufficient time, map the project, and document the future state in comparison to the current state.

◾️Successes: Explore the positive outcomes of continuous process improvement, including streamlined onboarding processes, enhanced customer retention, and reduced software utilization.

◾️Process Improvement Skills: Discover how continuous improvement practices contribute to better retention, efficient app management, and optimized processes.

Unlock the potential of process improvement and revolutionize your approach to customer success. Join Pedro Candelas in this eye-opening episode and take your customer experience management to new heights.


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