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What is Customer Success like in Brazil

May 19, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 19
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
What is Customer Success like in Brazil
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Experience the dynamic world of Customer Success in Brazil as we delve into the insights of renowned industry expert Hiram Damin, recognized as one of the top Customer Success thought leaders for 2021.

Join us in this captivating podcast episode where Hiram Damin, an accomplished consultant who has provided guidance to over 100 companies in Brazil, shares his wealth of knowledge. His impactful contributions extend to the publication of a Portuguese book on Customer Success, which has achieved remarkable success with over 2000 copies sold.

Explore the thriving landscape of technology companies in Brazil, fueled by substantial investments in the Latin American market. With the exponential growth of startups, it comes as no surprise that many technology-driven enterprises in LATAM are adopting customer success methodologies.

Notably, Brazil has produced an impressive number of thought leaders featured in the prestigious top 100 customer success strategists list curated by Success Hacker.

During this enlightening episode, Hiram delves into the plethora of resources available to individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of customer success within Brazil. Furthermore, he provides valuable insights into the preferred technology tools favored by Customer Success Managers (CSMs) across LATAM. Lastly, Hiram sheds light on the unique aspects of Customer Success management culture in Brazil.

Don't miss out on this insightful episode! Join us now to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of Customer Success in Brazil.


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