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May 05, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 17
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
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In this podcast episode, Sean Ruane, the CEO and Founder of Mind Data, discusses the importance of handling technical issues in a timely and effective manner to maintain a positive relationship with customers. He provides valuable insights for customer success managers (CSMs) on how to handle such issues.

This episode covers the following topics:

Code Red Situations - unexpected or technical issues that can cause service failures and impact customer success.

Advice to Companies Facing Technical Issues - CSMs must keep customers informed about the situation and provide insights into the resolution progress.

Internal Collaboration - CSMs should work with product and engineering teams to understand the technical issue and communicate the current efforts being invested to solve the problem.

Handling Delays in Solving Technical Issues - CSMs should remain honest with customers, provide timely updates, and invite cross-functional team members or senior officers to calls with affected customers to demonstrate the company's commitment to resolving the issue.

Developing a Resolution - CSMs should communicate with customers about the progress at each stage of the resolution process.

After a Solution Deployment - CSMs should perform a debrief with customers and prepare a report on the technical issue after finding a solution.

Tune in to this podcast episode to learn more about how to handle technical issues and maintain a positive relationship with customers.


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