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CS Ladies - An Online Community For Women by Women

April 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 16
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
CS Ladies - An Online Community For Women by Women
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This podcast episode introduces 'CS Ladies,' an online community dedicated to empowering women working in the field of Customer Success.

The community was co-founded by Diana Rubine, Founding Member & Initiator of CS Ladies, and other powerful women in Customer Success.

This video is not only about Diana’s career journey, but also about how she co-founded ‘CS Ladies’. It is also about what life taught her and that to have a thriving business career:

◾️ CS Ladies need to come together and form alliances where they can support each other as they strive for women empowerment in the field of Customer Success and compete with the male-dominated industry.

◾️ To become more established, women in CS must stand firm and express themselves fearlessly and offer their opinions whenever they have the chance to, and thus help cement their positions.

◾️ Sharing experiences among themselves encourages women that their problems are not unique to them, but are similar to those of other successful women.

◾️ Women in CS should share their knowledge and personal experiences to help develop an identity of tough and resilient individuals who can face any challenge.

◾️ Combatting negative thoughts and self-doubt in the market to enhance the success and development of CS Ladies.

◾️ The cohesion and togetherness of women in the industry make them a formidable force.

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