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Top 10 CSM Skills Hiring Managers Look For

February 24, 2023 Irit Eizips & CSM Practice Season 2 Episode 9
CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast
Top 10 CSM Skills Hiring Managers Look For
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When seeking employment as a Customer Success Manager (CSM), it's important to possess a specific set of skills that would enable one to excel in the role. Hiring Managers typically look for candidates who display these skills.

During this podcast episode, the CEO & Founder of Mind Data, Sean Ruane highlighted several key skills as being critical for CSMs.

Effective communication is a major skill that CSMs must possess to succeed.

Another skill that would impress the  hiring manager is authenticity. Authenticity is more than just honesty. It is about being real and being your true self and is.

Next essential skill for a CSM is proactivity since they have to look at the wider picture and beyond that.

Also, crucial on the part of a CSM are high levels of curiosity, adaptability, organization, and readiness for changes in customer priorities.

Additionally, CSMs must be able to identify trends and outliers, hence the need for the ability to analyze data.

So, if you're considering a career in Customer Success, it's essential to possess these skills and be able to employ all these skills simultaneously because these are the skills that employers are looking for in potential candidates.

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